Create A Health Care Directive That Expresses Your Values And Wishes For 'Someday'

Together with other elements of estate planning, a health care directive can ensure that you and your loved ones will be ready when a time comes that it is needed. A health care directive is a powerful document that can prevent anguish and uncertainty if you are incapacitated, your health is declining and doctors or family members are unsure of your wishes. With a health care directive, you can spell out specifics about what types of treatment you want or do not want if you are unable to speak for yourself.

Examples of questions that a health care directive can answer are:

  • Do you want to be resuscitated if there is little hope for you to recover a good quality of life?
  • Would you want a blood transfusion if doctors recommend one?
  • Do you consider it acceptable to be fed through a feeding tube or kept alive with a respirator if your continued life depends on these measures?
  • Do you want to be kept comfortable when your health is declining and death is most likely imminent, even if that means accepting strong drugs such as morphine?

A health care directive helps prevent disagreements between family and doctors, or among family members about medical care and treatment.

ESPE LAW will help you personalize your health care directive and ensure it is HIPPA compliant.

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