Do You Need A Power Of Attorney?

A time may come when you are unable to manage your own financial affairs, either temporarily or for an extended time before the end of your life. A family member, trusted friend or business partner may need to take care of your financial and business matters. A power of attorney makes this possible. Without a power of attorney, your family or other responsible parties may incur the expense and delay in going to court to establish a conservatorship. In contrast, a power of attorney (POA) will be effective immediately.

Powers of attorney are not only used for times of incapacity. You may be planning an extended trip abroad and need to designate a business partner to sign important documents on your behalf in your absence. ESPE LAW, an established White Bear Lake, Minnesota, estate planning law firm, can help you create powers of attorney to match any set of circumstances.

Discuss And Create A Power Of Attorney With The Help Of ESPE LAW In White Bear Lake

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